The world is changing fast and we all need to adapt.

The Challenge

It’s clear to many of us that the world of our youth has changed and kids today need a set of different skills just to get their first Job. It used to be that you could go down to the local store, or business and speak to the owner or the manager, get accepts for a job and then at the end of the week you would get cash in your hand and it was that simple, not anymore!

The Solution

The answer is that we need to empower our youth. There is a lot of undeserved stereotyping about millennials from older generations, it is a very different world, especially when you consider that it is the previous generations that have created the current environment. So instead of whinging and complaining, we would all be better served if we empowered them.

The Job Readiness Program

The NUU program is a term-long program that will run in Term 4 for year 9s and the First term for year10s.

Sessions will run for 45 minutes and cover:

  • Writing a resume; what counts as experience and showcasing their innate skills in the best light.
  • Finding referees; who can vouch for you.
  • How to approach employers; in person and online.
  • Online applications – how to navigate them, what to write.
  • Preparing for a job interview; what to wear, what to say and not say in an interview, how to follow up.
  • What to do when they’ve got the job; opening a bank account, getting a TFN, finding out work conditions and how much pay is.
  • Financial responsibility – saving money, budgeting, money management . Financial intelligence leads to confident and secure adults. (again, skills not taught in schools)

Help us to make this project a success !

The Job Readiness Program is the first of several programs planned as a part of NUU Youth In the Real World. It is a project of One Purse One Planet, a registered charity organisation that seeks to make a difference in the world in some very practical ways. As such much of what we do is volunteer, or supported by forward-thinking individuals and businesses click the link below to find out how you can become involved with this project or how you can become a supporter / sponsor.

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