In recent years, the media & social media landscape has been fairly harsh in respect of  Millennials. Whether at school, in the workplace, or at home, their behaviour is confounding older generations—prompting many to label this generation as entitled, narcissistic, and lazy.

In reality this is nothing new, there has always been issues between generations with each accusing each other of failing to understand. That being said there are things we can do to lessen the differences, by being just a bit more aware.

For example here are a few tips if you are Millennial in the corporate world? Millennials, generally are brimming with genuineness and deep feelings which can make them valuable in the workplace.

As a Millennial you can quickly gain respect from your coworkers and superiors if you make proper office etiquette a priority. This respect can give a platform you a platform from which to share your innovative ideas.

If you are a Millennial looking to make the right impressions here are a few tips:

  1. Dress appropriately. It can be hard to break out of the casual, comfortable image you are used to displaying. But in the workplace, professionalism trumps comfort, with a little effort it is possible to maintain your personal style and still look and present a professional look.
  2. Be on time ready to work. This sounds simple but it is one of the things that many people struggle with, not just Millennials. Try creating the habit if arriving ten to 15 mins minutes early. Showing up early shows responsibility, trustworthiness and a willingness to participate.
  3. Introductions break the awkwardness. If it is up to you to introduce people, use full names. If someone is brought to your work space to be introduced to you, stand while being introduced. A handshake and smile during the greeting is both warm and professional.
  4. Put away your phone. Being on your phone during work or a meeting is distracting to you and to others who are wondering what you are doing. Put it on silent and place it out of sight, only check it on a break or at lunch.
  5. Respond to emails. No one knows whether or not you received a memo or instructions unless you hit reply. Using proper grammar and sentence structure in your reply shows professionalism.
  6. Check foul language at the door. Four letter words and slang terms give off a careless tone which leaves people wondering about the quality of your work. Also refrain from gossiping both in the spoken word and the written word.
  7. Keep your workspace clean and organized. Put your supplies or tools away as soon as you are finished with them. Your coworkers should not find a trail of your belongings throughout the office scattered everywhere from the lunch room to the printer tray. Leave no trace!

The workplace does not need to be a battle zone or a no go area, your attitude can make all the difference.