Who we are and how we started.

As a mother of teenagers I had worked hard to provide a secure stable environment for our children, everything society says you need. So when my son came to me asking to help him find a part-time job, of course, I said yes. What I didn’t realise before I started was how little our children knew about The Real World.

Since then I have watched our children and their friends struggle with getting their first job.

Despite what the media and politicians may say about “Millenials” the simple fact is the world has changed. It is no longer easy to simply “get a job” – Everyone wants experience, even from 14-year-olds, and the human connection is dwindling with so many organisations now recruiting online and schools are not teaching these valuable skills … at least not until they get to year 11.

Many of the children I have spoken to want to be able to have some money in their pocket for their independence and to alleviate the financial pressure on their parents. Getting a job is so much more complicated than when we’re kids, these days they are not certain how to go about getting their first job, what to put in their resume, who to approach, what to say, how to say it, what to wear and still be themselves.

So many of the teenagers I spoke to are lost and are not sure how to approach employers, so they don’t approach them at all, seeing this as such a prevleant issue I felt I had to do something about it and NUU Youth in The Real World was born.

Kelly Kingston

Kelly Kingston

Organiser & Creator of NUU You(th)

Founder and Co-Director – One Purse One Planet and Creator of NUU You(th)

A creative and inventive thinker, who craves a challenge. Kelly is the inspiration behind several projects designed to empower today’s youth. Being a Mum of 4 children herself Kelly works to today’s youth in what is an increasingly challenging world.

Our Team

Jeremy Briton

Jeremy Briton

NUU Program Director

Wealth coaching, business coaching, NLP, EFT and Flick Your Rich Switch Transformations (FYRST) | Balancing life & having “wealth in *all* areas” ~ what’s the point of having billion$ of dollar$ if you don’t have great health, relationships and happiness? What’s the point of having a great home life and hating your work for 8 hours a day? I’m going for “24HourWealth”!!

Kathy Barry

Kathy Barry

Volunteer Super Administrator

Kathy is a mother of 3 with a grand baby on the way. Kathy is retired and passionate about supporting today’s youth and our programs.

As a super administrator, Kathy is often our first point contact and helps out with most administration duties and events for NUU & One Purse One Planet Ltd.


Samyo Dalgarno

Samyo Dalgarno

Multi Media & Website Development

Among other things, Samyo Dalgarno has been involved with designing/creating/building web sites & internet marketing since 2005 and has recently expanded into sound and videography. With a passion for supporting community projects, Samyo brings a diverse skill set to our program and has become an integral part of the NUU team.

Our OPOP Ambassador

We are very excited to introduce Pete Murray an iconic Australian Singer-Songwriter as our One Purse One Planet ambassador.

Kelly and Graham met Pete Murray a couple of years ago and as the friendship developed eventually Kelly’s enthusiasm rubbed off, and Pete agreed to come onboard.

As a father, Pete also has passion and concerns for how we encourage our youth in a quickly changing world as well as how we can work together as a community to create a brighter future for us all.

Help us to make this project a success !

The Job Readiness Program is the first of several programs planned as a part of NUU Youth In the Real World. It is a project of One Purse One Planet, a registered charity organisation that seeks to make a difference in the world in some very practical ways. As such much of what we do is volunteer, or supported by forward-thinking individuals and businesses click the link below to find out how you can become involved with this project or how you can become a supporter / sponsor.

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